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Scintilla Activities

This page shows an overview of future activities. For some activities there is the possibility to sign up on line.

The iCal and RSS feeds can be found on the top of the page.

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 31 January 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

Shock Hobby evening: FPGA Board

Tuesday 04 February 2020 19:30, Westzaal [Shock]

Build your own FPGA board for about 25 euros

Key Features:

  • Intel Cyclone 10
  • 16k logic elements
  • Onboard usb programmer
  • 3x 2.5khz to 200MHz programmable clock
  • 4Mb on board configuration memory
  • 40pin GPIO header
  • USB OTG and HDMI connector
  • RS485
  • 8x User leds
  • 5x User push buttons
  • 4x User dip switches
FPGA board

Lunch Lecture 3T

Wednesday 05 February 2020 12:30, CR 2K [LEX]

This lunchbreak Ronald Grootelaar from 3T will tell us all about High-Performance Motion Control with System-on-Chip Platform.

Products and systems increasingly use advanced motor drives to control cars, pumps, medical equipment, robots, and industrial automation. 3T has developed scalable digital amplifier platforms to kick-start customer projects and reduce development cost and time to market.

This talk focuses on applications developed and deployed using Model-based Design including C and HDL code generation.

Ronald Grootelaar of 3T discusses a high-speed sensorless brushless DC motor drive running a field-oriented control algorithm. The complete Controller/Plant model is closed in a multidisciplinary simulation environment to rapidly develop
control algorithms without the need for physical hardware and prove feasibility at an early stage.
After simulation, the Controller model is generated in C++ and VHDL code and deployed on INTEL or Xilinx SoC platforms.

Ronald will show how the model-based design approach helps to shorten lead time, assess feasibility through simulation and improve collaboration between different disciplines.

So come by for an interesting talk and of course free lunch!


Gala 20's 20's masquerade

Wednesday 05 February 2020 21:00, Waarbeek, Hengelo [Gala]

Welcome to Prom 2020! Enjoy a night full of live music, unlimited drinks and fancy clothes. The gala will be held together with Abacus, Inter-Actief and Communique. 

WTF does the board do?! Lunch

Monday 10 February 2020 12:45, TBA [Bestuur]

Have you always wondered how the board of our study associationis able to fill each day with 'useful' work? Now is your chance to find out! On the 25th of February the board will talk about their day-to-day activities and what you can learn from it! Meanwhile you can enjoy a free lunch!

Wild West Casino

Tuesday 11 February 2020 20:00, MBasement [Sjaarscie]

Once upon a time in the west, when the Dutch government was still paying for your drinks and the greenest campus of the Netherlands was still filled with Cacti, all cowboys and Indians came together to gamble with their earned money in the saloon. Nowadays, the saloon has been replaced by the MBasement and the cacti have been cut down to make room for studies like Creative Technology. Go back to the good ol’ times on February the 11th and gamble your own drinks together in the Wild West Casino.

Poster Wild West Casino

When: 11th of February 20:00

Where: Mbasement

Costs: 2.50 (4 drink-/casinofiches included)

Interest list skitilla 2020

Friday 14 February 2020 18:00, Zillertal [SKItilla]

This year SKItilla goes to Gerlos, Austria. Ski area Zillertal. The trip will be during spring break (14-02-2020 until 23-02-2020). Do you want to join? Ask the board for a sign-up sheet.

Symposium 2020 Thema announcement drink

Monday 24 February 2020 16:00, Abscint [Sympo]

At this drink we will present our symposium theme. Come by for a beer or some other drink!

Shooting Course

Tuesday 25 February 2020 19:00, Schietvereniging voor Enschede en Lonneker [EE-Sports]

What do the police, cowboys and school shooters have in common? Indeed, they go pew pew! It is very easy to do pew pew in America, but EE-Sports will enable you to also do pew pew in the Netherlands! (but safe and responsibly)

Lunch lecture Agentschap Telecom

Thursday 27 February 2020 12:45, TBA [LEX]

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 06 March 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 03 April 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

48th Batavierenrace interest list

Friday 01 May 2020 13:00, Nijmegen - Enschede [EE-Sports]

Do you enjoy running, are you interested to work on your endurance and strength, or would you at least like to represent Scintilla in the world's largest relay race? Then quickly put your name on this interest list!

Symposium 2020

Wednesday 13 May 2020 08:00, TBA [Sympo]

A whole day of interesting talks, cases and excitement! Save the date.

The theme announcement is on 24th of February.

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 15 May 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]

VriMiBo Scintilla

Friday 12 June 2020 16:00, Abscint [De Borrel]