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Scintilla Activities

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All activities until the 1st of June have been cancelled. Click here for more info.

WAN-Party: Rocket League

Friday 03 April 2020 19:00, Discord [SCALA]


As some of you may know, the coronavirus has caused this country to cancel many exciting and fun public events, including the SCALA LAN-Party. Fortunately, multiplayer games can also be played without physical company, through the internet. This is why SCALA is now introducing a Wide Area Network Party: the SCALAtined WAN-Party!

On the evening of Friday the 3rd of April, we would like to encourage as many of you to hop onto the Scintilla Discord and play games together. We will be creating special channels in which people can find someone to play their favorite game together. If you really want to flex with your insane skills in that one indie game that no one plays, you can also easily stream through Discord and share the content with your friends.

SCALA will also be organizing several competitive tourneys, there are prizes available to those who prove worthy of riches… 

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