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Sjaarscie Werewolves

Wednesday 03 March 2021 12:00, Online [Sjaarscie]

Sjaarcie werewolves (of wakkerdam)

After the incredible succes of last year, the sjaarcie whatssapp werewolves is back!! For everyone who likes bloody murder and intrigue. 

For those not familiar with the game, everyone is assigned a role, which is either a werewolf or one of the different villager roles. Every night the werewolves get to eat a villager and every day the villagers get to kill someone they suspect of being a werewolf. The goal of the villagers is of course to kill all the werewolves and vice versa.  Normally this game is played with everyone together and short rounds, however these days that’s not an option. That’s why this version of the game is played via WhatsApp, using a number of different app groups for communication between the werewolves and villagers. The rounds will also take actual days and nights.


Would you like to constantly have to fear for your life, as any moment could be your last? Then quickly join the main groupschat via https://chat.whatsapp.com/KUUvwDYWAMyLbtDzTaFhCk

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