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De Borrel

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Current members of this committee

Robert Italiaander Chairman
Jort van de Bovenkamp Treasurer
Rick Ruitenbeek Secretary
Sjoerd van den Belt VP Public relations officer
Christiaan Muetstege General member
Ewout Baars VP General member
Frans van Dijk General member
Gerolf Meulman VP General member
Hessel den Hertog VP General member
Ivo Varenhorst General member
Jessie Huiden VP General member
Koen Raben VP General member
Lars Essenstam VP General member
Nick te Velde VP General member
Olaf van der Meer VP General member
Remmelt Fopma General member
Roel Mentink VP General member
Sjoerd Nieuwenhuis General member
Willem Mulder General member
Wouter Pool VP General member
Eva Plas Probationary member
Herjan Barkman Probationary member
Mathijn Becker Probationary member
Rienk van der Wijk Probationary member
Julia Kaptein Urinal

Future activities organised by this committee

Borrel Craft Beer Pubquiz

Monday 26 October 2020 20:00, Discord [De Borrel]

Beer on a bar

The drafters from the Borrel were very happy to draft some beers for you during the first few weeks of the year, but unfortunately this is no longer allowed on the campus. To maintain the hype from that short period we are going to organize a fun online activity again. On Monday 26th, De Borrel will combine two of their favorite things: craft beers and useless information, in an epic pubquiz!

The activity will take place on Monday 26th of October at 20:00 on the Scintilla Discord. Gather your friends, hop into a voice channel and enjoy your beers!

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