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De Vonk

De Vonk is published quarterly by a group of active Scintilla members, who are also named De Vonk. This committee collects copy from EE-students and the EE chairs from the faculty of EEMCS. These articles are combined to make a readable magazine, which is sent out to all members of E.T.S.V. Scintilla. Besides the more serious matter of the magazine layout, there is ample time for fun, such as the (almost) yearly committee-outings. This committee is usually long-term.

Current members of this committee

Gino van Spil VP Treasurer
Matthijs Aanen Graphics
Romano Ferla VP Webmaster
Ceren Kutucu General member
Herjan Barkman General member
Maarten Thoonen General member
Mark van Holland General member
Matthijs van Minnen VP General member
Melissa Tijink VP General member
Sheona Sequeira General member
Tim Huggers General member
Lars Holm CCP

Future activities organised by this committee

No activities.

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No vacancies.

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