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Scintilla's Activiteiten

Op deze pagina zie je een overzicht van de aankomende activiteiten, met, indien van toepassing, een mogelijkheid om je daarvoor in te schrijven.

De iCal en RSS feeds zijn geheel bovenaan, links boven het Scintillalogo, te vinden.


Behind the Scenes @ Nedap

vrijdag 21 januari 2022 11:00, Nedap [Extern]

Nedap is a tech company, creating high impact solutions. With our hardware and software we create true value. On our journey we respect people and planet, always striving for creating sustainable impact. We are passionate about technology and how it can help people to become happier and more successful in their professional lives. The technology we create is what we call Technology for Life. It is our purpose and drives us in everything we do. Are you interested to really change something in your life, and in the lives of other people? Would you do more than producing anonymous products? Is the answer on both questions ‘YES’? Grab the chance to be truly significant and sign up for our Inhouse Days 2022 “Behind the Scenes @ Nedap” https://nedap.com/behind-the-scenes/

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